Masters Program Project

The common core standards are here, as are the potential of national science standards. There is a lot of controversy over having national standards. I feel that standards are a great way to provide structure to the education system. Standards aren’t bad in and of themselves. I do not have a problem with the concept of learning objectives or standards by grade. The problem lies in the rigid structure required to teach the standards. Teaching in such a box is very limiting. How do kids learn to think outside the box when their teacher is confined to a box?
As educators we have to exist within the constraints of these standards. The question is, How do we do it without losing our identity as a teacher? I believe, that as professionals, we are fully capable of embracing the standards and still develop creative and diverse ways to teach.
Currently, I am aware that teachers are feeling like they are losing their control and input in the classroom, but it could get worse. Teaching is an art, and if we do not embrace the standards as they are, and find creative and powerful ways to teach them, I fear that instead of just standards by grade level our education system will become even more structured and scripted; this could remove any teacher choice or discretion.
I devote a great deal of time and energy to understanding the standards and developing ways to meet the needs of all of my students within the standards. I have created this blog as a way to reflect on my journey as I strive to teach the common core in a not - so - common way.

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