Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Girls Won...

My girls pulled out a win in round 1 at the very last min.  I am very proud of them.  :-)  Round 2 started Monday.  I am impressed at how motivated they are staying.  I am really hoping the time they are spending pays off and fills in some of the learning gaps from along the way.   More importantly I hope the kids realize how much they are growing.  I want them to be proud of themselves and see that hard work pays off.

Some of my lower kids are doing so much better with their basic math facts.  They have been working so hard on Reflex Math and now Moby Max.  It is great to be teaching math and have the kids answer me quickly when I ask what is 8 x 6.  We aren't held up trying to solving math facts and counting on our fingers so much any more, making us able to tackle more of the grade level specific content.

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