Saturday, July 27, 2013

getting ready....

It is almost time to start to set up my room. I love setting my room up, but I can't believe how fast summer is going. I have to say I am not sure that I am ready for school to start back up. I have been looking at some idea for bulletin boards this last week. There are so many amazing ideas out there... lots of them more suited for primary though.

I have some favorites from the last few years that I'll use again for sure this year, but I am working on a few more, including and incentive board for our math club. Here are some pictures of boards I have used in the past.

My favorite is the playlist board with the iPods. It replaced the "here's how our year will shape up" I am working on making a few new iPods for math this year to replace the social studies ones. I use the "eat the rainbow" board during our nutrition unit. I love how bright they both are.

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