Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rolling Through the Rock Cycle

Last week, we wrapped up our unit on rocks and minerals.  I played the rock cycle game with my students and they LOVED it.  The game got them up and moving around and they got a kick out their individual paths.  Some of the kids got stuck in one spot for multiple turns.  They did awesome and realized just how long it could take for parts of the rock cycle to happen.  I was very pleased with how well they did with the activity and unstructured nature of it all.

After the game, students used a comic strip website ( to make comics depicting their individual journey through the rock cycle.  Students could be as creative or straight forward with their journey as they wanted.  The kids really enjoyed the comic strips as well.  Most of them had never used the program before and it took some getting use to, but they are kids and catch on pretty quick when it comes to technology.  ;-)

I have uploaded the PDF of my Rock Cycle Game to TeachersPayTeachers .  Check it out HERE.

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