Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kids and Technology

I was so proud of some of my kids today!!!  We are doing this project for a science grant.  The kids have to do a ton of independent work, thinking, and are using technology like crazy.  The kids are working in small groups and each student has a specific job (team lead, data analyst, and communications officer).  So far they have had to research a company (3M) and create a slide show using haiku deck.  Haiku deck is quick easy way for kids to make a presentation.  (It is sort of like a Prezi...)

Today, the kids started to complete their experiment for the company.  The kids used their personal phones and ipods etc. to take pictures of the experiment during the day.  They are using Google drive to share their pictures and data with their group and the class.

My proud moment today...

As students finished the lab today a few of them brought me their devices to show me something.  Some of the groups had taken all their lab photos and used flipagram to make quick videos.  Some of the students even added music.  I never suggested to do anything like this, they just knew the technology existed and decided it would be fun to try.  What a cool moment for me as a teacher.  I was so happy to see them enjoying themselves and being creative with technology.  Some of the videos were really neat.  I just can't express how happy I was!

We are in test mood all over the building and the stress can be overwhelming, but moments like today make everything worth it.  It seems like a small thing to be proud of but it was awesome!

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